Quickr 8.5 J2EE Beta

Finally got my hands on a very very very Late copy of the Quickr 8.5 beta for WebSphere Portal


  • I am impressed it comes with support for oracle now straight out of the box, so no mucking about with transfering DB’s
  • It is using the one UI so it will be easy to “skin”
  • It has support for windows 2008 64bit which is always a plus in my book as I have to use my sowftware on windows VMs
  • It runs on portal 6.1.5 and is patched for was out the box too so no worried about having to patch it as soon as you have installed

So far I have found some niggly bugs which are driving me nuts

You no longer change the portal / was / quickr admin account in the properties file you run a command to swtich them .. no problem normally EXCEPT if you have spaces in your DN’s. The script fails with an error.

I found a technote Wp-change-portal-admin-user task fails if spaces in distinguished name this applies to Portal 6.1 and is a unix/linux/solaris issue (so I am assuming a 64 bit os problem) as this is certainly the case with my windows 2008 64bit. The solution to the problem is to create a properties file and pass the peram into the command line which theoretically should work for windows – alas although it does read the properties file instead of failing as it can’t read the full dn, it now fails as it doesn’t like the quotes around the DN.

Once I have run this and it fails it breaks the quickr instance!! Although I can log in all the permissions on the places get screwed – so I can see my places but none of the content .. same goes for the admin account. Luckily having all my systems on VM’s I can just roll back the snapshot and re run the secure task .. not ideal but better than having to rebuild it from scratch.

So far I haven’t found a way around this issue so I am having to use the original quickr admin user for administration – not ideal but fine in this instance .. as this goes gold next week I have a week to work out how to fix it … no pressure then 🙂

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  1. Sharon, if you're running Quickr on Linux, can you simply comment out the space using the / character, or wrap the user/group name in quotes ? I'm sure I did this for the Portal Admins. group in 6.1.5 on Linux ….

  2. nice one dave .. not sure how it's going to solve the windows issues .. the space works no bother in the wkplc.properties file it's only if I run the wp-change-was-admin-user or wp-change-portal-admin-user config engine jobs it fails with the space issue .. most frustrating !!

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