Portal 6.1.5 do i love it or hate it ..??

Answers on a post card … first impressions of the installer was Wow that was neat, it installed the vanilla *everything* install fairly quickly and was up and running on it’s cloudscape db and basic security very quckly, looks funky, is fast and the new connections style theming is very sexy …

Now I am trying to do something wild and crazy …. point it at an oracle db … so far I am losing this battle .. although after a lot of swearing at windows 2008 for being TOO secure and the info centre for not making much sense I feel we may be winning the battle and be well on the way to winning the war, once the oracle piece is sorted it should be a straight forward secure against Active Directory federated LDAP cluster and go ..SHOULD – it was straight forward in Portal 6.1.1 but then so was securing it against an Oracle db …

Once I have it working I will doc the steps mainly for my reference but you never know some other poor little geek may also have to use Portal with the Oracle / AD solution and I would hate people to go through pain if they don’t have to 🙂

watch this space kiddies you never know I may post something useful 🙂

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