Been kinda busy .. BUT

Had a bit of a beast of a project which is almost done ..  Connections on IBM i (iSeries, AS400), with Docs on Windows, Kudos analytics and a bunch of other stuff .. I have loads to blog about that .. that is for another day as I am currently writing all the documentation up ….


In other news .. it may be a bit of a secret but I am a tiny bit of a Star Wars and Disney fan and I do like to throw a Costume on to raise money for a good cause or two. I have also been inspired by my good friend Mr Tim Clark who has recently blogged about making a change to lose weight and get fit. I have decided to follow his lead.

So two weeks ago I started the same Cambridge Weight Plan as Tim and I also have the support of the amazing Marissa – It hasn’t been easy as it is a massive shock to your body to basically stop eating *crap* and just give it what it needs, but I feel amazing ..

So on the back of this ..  my Best Pal, fellow Disney and costuming nut, the lovely Samantha Cunningham talked me into running a 5k at the inaugural Disneyland Paris Marathon Weekend .. initially I was terrified of the thought as I haven’t done any kind of real running since I was in High School (I used to be a 100 and 200m sprinter). The more I thought about it, I realised that I can use this as a goal and to keep me motivated to keep on with the weight loss and exercise.

I am not known for my will power I must admit, I was worried I may cave or give up !! To stop this from happening I am running for a charity. Specifically the 1st Sensory Legion who are the driving force behind Feel the Force Day.


Feel the Force Day events are film and TV conventions with a difference. They are the only conventions that are designed around disabled people and make them as accessible as possible. Access does not just mean a disabled loo and a ramp, it’s about attitude, contact and all the subtle things that make things easier. They are an amazing bunch of people .. so Sam and I are running for FTFD … we want to raise as much for them as possible as everything is funded by donations and the whole team are volunteers with day jobs …

If you can spare a £, $, € or any other currency please head over to my just giving page or the team page.


Thanks in advance for all your support .. 😀


2 Replies to “Been kinda busy .. BUT”

  1. Sharon,
    good you share this, it will give you more motivation to reach the goal.
    Your friends will remind you of your goal.

    Start slowly with running, take scheme.

    May be I will also run in Disneyland, the 1/2 marathon, thank you for pointing me in that direction.
    CU you in Eindhoven, we do a run in the morning 😉

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