Blog has moved to its new home

(again) .. I finally got round to moving my domain to a decent hoster (thank you so I have moved my blog entries back to its rightful place.

never fear if you have book marked a post previously you can find it .. thanks to the power of a handy rewrite rule in the htaccess file πŸ™‚

I have a bunch of useful stuff to blog which I will crack on with over the next few weeks before hitting IBM Think!

If you find any issues please let me know πŸ™‚

Been kinda busy .. BUT

Had a bit of a beast of a project which is almost done ..Β  Connections on IBM i (iSeries, AS400), with Docs on Windows, Kudos analytics and a bunch of other stuff .. I have loads to blog about that .. that is for another day as I am currently writing all the documentation up ….


In other news .. it may be a bit of a secret but I am a tiny bit of a Star Wars and Disney fan and I do like to throw a Costume on to raise money for a good cause or two. I have also been inspired by my good friend Mr Tim Clark who has recently blogged about making a change to lose weight and get fit. I have decided to follow his lead.

So two weeks ago I started the same Cambridge Weight Plan as Tim and I also have the support of the amazing Marissa – It hasn’t been easy as it is a massive shock to your body to basically stop eating *crap* and just give it what it needs, but I feel amazing ..

So on the back of this ..Β  my Best Pal, fellow Disney and costuming nut, the lovely Samantha Cunningham talked me into running a 5k at the inaugural Disneyland Paris Marathon Weekend .. initially I was terrified of the thought as I haven’t done any kind of real running since I was in High School (I used to be a 100 and 200m sprinter). The more I thought about it, I realised that I can use this as a goal and to keep me motivated to keep on with the weight loss and exercise.

I am not known for my will power I must admit, I was worried I may cave or give up !! To stop this from happening I am running for a charity. Specifically the 1st Sensory Legion who are the driving force behind Feel the Force Day.


Feel the Force Day events are film and TV conventions with a difference. They are the only conventions that are designed around disabled people and make them as accessible as possible. Access does not just mean a disabled loo and a ramp, it’s about attitude, contact and all the subtle things that make things easier. They are an amazing bunch of people .. so Sam and I are running for FTFD … we want to raise as much for them as possible as everything is funded by donations and the whole team are volunteers with day jobs …

If you can spare a Β£, $, € or any other currency please head over to my just giving page or the team page.


Thanks in advance for all your support .. πŸ˜€


Sorry for the radio silence ….

I want to apologise for my lack of blogging and tweeting – there has been a lot of ups and downs in my personal life over the last 10 months, serious injury which is still not totally resolved and a bunch of other things that have contributed to not only my lack of blogging – but has stopped me attending and speaking at LUGs.

I would like to think that I may be over the worst of it – I had a fantastic holiday with my daughter Emily in Feb 2013 to Disney World, I am working with some great people (thank you Stuart, Warren and especially Tim who has been awesome), so I now need to give myself a kick up the arse to get back into the swing of things.

I was due to present at BLUG on administering Connections and its associated software – I will get that presentation finished and posted at some point.

I have thrown myself into work and am working on a project that involves my favourite thing – INTEGRATING – Connections, Sametime, Notes and Domino and all the ICS stack pretty much – so that is keeping me busy and I am learning new things all the time.

So .. you should be seeing more of me again dear reader – I am back .. not with a bang, but a little fizz – we’ll work on the bang πŸ™‚

I’m back .. it’s been a while

Many of you may have noticed that I have been AWOL for a while.

I had much going on in my personal life and I would publicly like to thank my close friends for assisting me through that difficult time.

I am now back .. with a vengeance.

Since mid June 2012 :

  • I have lost over 36lb in weight – and I feel like a new person
  • Presented at UKLUG with a trapped nerve in my back – thanks to Bill Mal, Steve Mc D, Wild Bill especially for being so fantastic.
  • Changed jobs – I am now very pleased to be working with good friend and former college Stuart McIntyre as I am now a member of the fast growing Collaboration Matters Team.
  • I have dislocated my elbow – not recommended. It’s on the mend but has stopped me exercising πŸ™

The next Social Connections user group is in 10 weeks, I have lots of exciting project work lined up, I will be going to not Lotusphere (Connect 2013) and I have additional trips planned to Disney World in Orlando next year.

Onwards and upwards and its good to be back

Tidying the blog

Today I decided to tidy my blog and to try and make a bit of sense out of all the *stuff* I throw up on this site ..

That is throw up as in post .. not as in .. well you know what I meen …

Anyways after much hacking and slashing at php files, creating new templates for pages, new side bars for said pages and eventually getting my head around functions again, I think I have myself organised.

The SocialShazza site now has two main topics .. Technology and Disney.

All of the Disney stuff can be found under the Disney heading, and all of the Connections related things can be found under the connections heading.
All blog posts will still appear on the front page, but I have made category pages for Disney and Connections to appear under their menus.

This means I can now highlight awesome new stuff like Paul and Gab’s Connections 101 and people can find it easily πŸ™‚

I am hoping now that will mean that things will be easier to read and find here – although I am open to suggestions on keeping it tidy πŸ˜‰ and that much of the Disney will be filtered out for those weirdo’s that don’t “Do” Disney – and for those of you that do all the wonderful Disney goodness is all in one place for you now πŸ™‚

as Tigger would say TTFN – ta ta for now πŸ˜‰

Sorry I couldn’t help myself