Back to word press – blogger migration and merging sites

I have decided to move back to using a word press blog again as you can see 🙂

The first task has been moving my old blogger blog over here – easy I thought .. hmmm actually although it should be, it did prove to be a slight pain in the bum.

Firstly the import tool doesn’t work too good, but after a little trial and error I managed to get to it work thanks to some awesome googleness for finding me the info I needed.

Step one:
Export the blogger blog to and XML file – super easy, log on to the blogger dashboard and export it

Step two:
Convert that xml to a format that word press 3.x.x can read – I found this page on the site which will convert the XML file to the correct format for you.

Step three:
Import the newly created WXR file and tidy up the content – I added some new categories etc. This tool worked brilliantly – imported comments, attachments etc 🙂

Step four:
Set your blogger site to redirect to the new wordpress site. This page was fantastic – has some very simple instructions to generate a blogger template to redirect the blogger site to wordpress.

My second task has been merging my Disney related blog over, seemed a bit daft having multiple blogs. I have merged my Disney realted wordpress one to this site too. Created some Disney pages, categories and tags, allowing me to have one site for multiple topics. I was thinking at least that way people can filter the Disney out if they want to.

The third task will be moving the domino blog over here – not sure how long that will take, I am hoping that the mighty Stuart McIntyre will come up with something snazzy or I may need to chat up my friends in the Lotus community. At some point 3 blogs become one – hopefully very soon.

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