gotchas, UKLUG, and TWiL

I haven’t blogged for a while … (again) .. mainly because I have been a busy little Shaz

I spent a few days at UKLUG in Manchester – which was brilliant I must say. I spent some time with friends old and new – as always it was fantastic to spend time with Darren and Lisa Duke and the lovely yellow wearing Mat Newman – but was also good to see some of the other Loti that I don’t socialise with in my normal working life.

UKLUG was actually very good – I attended a couple of sessions on Domino which was useful as I will be gaining some Domino infrastructure over the next few months. One of the best sessions was Lisa and Stuart’s Social inside and outside the firewall – 1 slide, 48 doughnuts and an audience with many questions.

The Live recording of This Week in Lotus was great as well – live TWiLs are always great – we gave away many This Week In Lotus Shirts as well 🙂

I seriously hope I make it to Lotusphere 2012 – or whatever its called – just for the relationships alone it’s worth any penny – to the point where I may try and fund myself going.

Talking of TWiL – there has been some great ones over the past few weeks – including the latest one ( episode 54 ) – with Paul Mooney – Whatever happens with the brands or colours I really hope we keep TWiL – Coming from mainly a WebSphere background its the place I go to – to catch up with what is going  on in the collaboration world of Lotus and IBM.

A gotcha I have discovered this week to do with Portal Patching. When patching portal to if running portal on windows you MUST remove the services before installing or un-installing the patch – if you don’t remove the service, the patching will fail!

and now am back to installing a portal / wcm dev environment to test my patching process .. O the joy 😀  

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