Customizing Connections Demo Files

The demo files that acompany my Customizating Connections Presentation can now be downloaded here

Inside the zip file you will find :

The templates and css files from \customization\common\nav
The custom community thumbnail image from \customization\communities\images
The custom strings required for the twitter profile extention  from \customization\strings
The JustNudge profile twitter ear file – LCC_Twitter_EAR-latest.ear
Instructions on how to deploy this and how to extend the profile – add twitter widget.txt
Examples of the following config files :

Enjoy 🙂




5 Replies to “Customizing Connections Demo Files”

  1. Broken link for the demo files
    Although anyone who can’t work out how to fix it for themselves probably shouldn’t be hacking Connections 😉

  2. Thanks Sharon.

    I wish I would have had those slides and files some days ago since I did this myself the first time recently. Very helpful for other people.

    How about posting these files as open source on OpenNTF? If you’re interested I can help.

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