Changing the title on the Connections 2.5 Homepage

Changing the title on the homepage is a bit of a pain .. The steps are as follows :

Make a back up copy of the COMPRESSED homepage.ear file from the deployed application config

ND – < was ROOT >profiles< profile> configcells< cell Name >applicationsHomepage.earHomepage.ear

StandAlone – < was ROOT >profiles< profile >configcells< cell Name >applicationsHomepage.earHomepage.ear

extract it to a temp folder ie D:tempextractedhomepage

find the dboard.common.jar and extract that to a temporary folder i.e D:tempextractedDashboard

drill down into the extracted file >

> com/ibm/lotus/connections/dashboard/nls/

and find the file

change the jsp.homepage.title = < “your new title” >

change any instances of “IBM Lotus Connections Home Page” in this file to < “your new title” >

save and close the file

do the same for any additional languages that you are supporting

re-compress the dboard.common.jar and copy the newly edited compressed version into the extracted directory of the homepage ear file.

re-crompress the homepage ear file

stop all server instances that are running the homepage application replace the newly edited and compressed homepage.ear file in the deployed application config

you will also need to replace the newly edited dboard.common.jar in the installedApps folder on your primary / standalone server.

< was_root >profiles< profile name >installedApps< cell name >Homepage.ear

once the servers are restarted they will use the new title in the homepage app