Weird issue with TDI Connections Wizards

I noticed a weird issue with the TDI Connections population wizard today.

Originally we had TDI 7.1 installed for some specific issue that were addressed when synching different LDAPs together – that worked, the connections population wizard and all the scripts worked a treat (good news if you want to use TDI 7.1)

Now due to one thing and another we took TDI 7.1 off and put TDI back on the machine – BUT if you do not replace the Connections Wizards directory you will get issues.

The GUI DB population wizard runs, everything looks good, you can fill all the info in it will do things, but then reports zero records added – build sucessful !! I was puzzled, I could connect to the LDAP ok – an LDAP search reports back ok, DB connections are all ok – what is going on.

The main issue is once you have run the wizard over a TDI 7.1 install the derby DB inside the wizards directory updates to a newer version. If you then downgrade TDI and run the same population wizard TDI throws an error as soon as it attempts to iterate at all as it can not read the internal derby DB – reporting it is at a newer version and is not compatible.

The only reason I discovered this was to run the collect_dns job and watch the TDI log. If you tail the TDI log from the wizard, becuase it runs multiple jobs and they wizz past bt so quickly you can not catch the error!!

So its an easy fix – delete the exising wizards directory and re-extract it and attempt again – and of course it will work.

I am guessing the moral of the story is use TDI unless you HAVE to use 7.1 and try not to have to roll it back 🙂