Tidying the blog

Today I decided to tidy my blog and to try and make a bit of sense out of all the *stuff* I throw up on this site ..

That is throw up as in post .. not as in .. well you know what I meen …

Anyways after much hacking and slashing at php files, creating new templates for pages, new side bars for said pages and eventually getting my head around functions again, I think I have myself organised.

The SocialShazza site now has two main topics .. Technology and Disney.

All of the Disney stuff can be found under the Disney heading, and all of the Connections related things can be found under the connections heading.
All blog posts will still appear on the front page, but I have made category pages for Disney and Connections to appear under their menus.

This means I can now highlight awesome new stuff like Paul and Gab’s Connections 101 and people can find it easily 🙂

I am hoping now that will mean that things will be easier to read and find here – although I am open to suggestions on keeping it tidy 😉 and that much of the Disney will be filtered out for those weirdo’s that don’t “Do” Disney – and for those of you that do all the wonderful Disney goodness is all in one place for you now 🙂

as Tigger would say TTFN – ta ta for now 😉

Sorry I couldn’t help myself