At last ..

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I am finally trying to sort out my website .. too lazy (and mainly lack of time) to be bothered to code up stuff or make it look pretty I have installed joomla, butchered one of the default skins and … Continued

Nerd Geek Dork

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According to the diagram I am a Geek – which is reasuring as I was worried I was a Dork .. This nerd/dork/geek/dweeb Venn diagram should save you a lot of time and frustration in the future. this comment summed … Continued

JIRA 4.1 update SSL issues

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after going nuts thinking that I had infact lost my marbles and had been following the instructions wrong I have discovered (thanks to Mr Andrew Frayling) that there is something missing from the Jira server.xml file. A config changed happened … Continued

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