It’s been a little quiet

I have been a little quiet of late .. this is mostly due to losing my dad back in October.
I want to thank everyone for all the support, for the hugs and the tears. I really do have the best group of friends who can help me get through the worst of times.
My dad is awesome, we almost shared a birthday and he will always be a massive part of me. He taught me to fight for what I believed in, my work ethic, to teach myself and my love of all things tech – he will always be my hero and I am missing a part of me now he is gone.

I had some time off and have been busy with some exciting new challanges which I hope to blog about soon. I have been to another conference and I am about to head off to the BCC office in Germany for a week – So its back to normal.
Hope you have enjoyed the break from me – as I am back with a vengance and will be back up to speed with my sharing and blogging.