gotchas, UKLUG, and TWiL

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I haven’t blogged for a while … (again) .. mainly because I have been a busy little Shaz I spent a few days at UKLUG in Manchester – which was brilliant I must say. I spent some time with friends … Continued

WebSphere User Group 23 march

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WebSphere User Group 23rd March 2011 I was really looking forward to the WebSphere User Group – I haven’t been immersed in fellow WebSphere geeks for a while (other than Dave Hay) so It would be great to catch up … Continued

A grand day out (x 2)

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I have spent a couple of Grand Days Out Β this week – being as I am just a little busy at the moment I wasn’t sure if I could spend the time out of the office, but I am pleased … Continued

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